Individual Financial Planning

Financial Planning:  A financial plan is your map.  We organize your goals, assets, income, and debts to show you strategies to achieve  your goals.  Whether that be planning for retirement, college, purchasing your a home, protecting your assets and transferring what you have built to the next generation. The financial plan is the key document to make sure you are and stay on track.  It is a living document you control.  It is always being updated and as your situation changes so does it.

Retirement Planning:  We are all working so hard for this and with multiple ways to save for retirement, it can be daunting to figure out what works best.  We can help you understand employer plans (401k,403B and 457B), Profit sharing, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA and Corporate Pensions and state pension.  Not only will we help you in saving for retirement, but we will also show you strategies to help make that money last for the rest of your life.

Investments:  What is a good investment?  What is a bad investment?  Honestly, there is no such thing as good or bad.  Any investment can make money.  Any investment can lose money.  What needs to be understood and monitored is what kind of risk are you wanting to take and how does that effect your return.  There are investments for people who do not like taking a lot of risk.  There are investments for those who are comfortable with taking more risk.  Our job is to talk with you about how you want to invest and explain the different strategies you have available within your comfort zone.

Insurance:  This is the part of a financial plan that is never fun.  Insurance is never about something good happening.  It is about protecting the family when something unforeseen and devastating happens.  What happens if someone dies?  How do we pay for the home, college and trying to get back to normal?  What happens if we get injured and physically cannot do the job, we once were able to do?  What happens when we are older and need help doing daily tasks?  Good financial planning looks at those what ifs and tries to build a defense so if something bad does happen it does not destroy the family financially.  We look at Life Insurance (term or permanent), Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care.