Higher Education Employees

Whether you're newly hired or well into your career at an Ohio college or university, we can assist you in developing a plan for building wealth and minimizing taxes.

New hires have an important decision to make in a short period of time. Within the first 120 days of your full-time employment, you must choose between the Ohio Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) and the state pension plan OPERS/STRS.

If you are an established employee, we can guide you through the supplemental investment opportunities available to you, including 403b plans.

What should we talk about? 

  • Difference between pension options for OPERS and/or STRS
  • Difference between Supplemental Retirement Options 457B/403B
  • Difference between Traditional and Roth
  • Investment Strategies 
  • Post-employment options 
  • What is the Partial Lump Sum Option Plan (PLOP) 
  • Survivor Benefits